FRED Kitchenware

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Brand History

Useful tools can be fun too! FRED kitchenware has been in the industry since 2004, selling high quality kitchen ware, home goods and decors that are both functional and quirky. FRED was established by Fred Rose. FRED kitchenware and home décor designs are a product of collaboration with other studios across the globe. FRED kitchenware has been such a hit; they are typically featured in various magazines including Oprah, Food and Wine, Rachel Ray, and People magazine. Fred products have also been featured in HGTV and The Today Show.


FRED kitchenware and cool home products are designed to delight fans, they’re stuff that’s easy to find, does the job right while look good at it. FRED offers a wide range of products including kitchen tools, party goods, personal accessories, tech products, tabletop accessories and more. They are all useful and are sure fire ice breakers! FRED kitchenware and home decors are made with the best materials, feature amazing designs all for reasonable prices. The FRED team works hand in hand with various talents from all over the world to create new and improve designs that are sure to brighten your home!

FRED Kitchenware 300x225 FRED Kitchenware


The people behind the brand believe that what you own reflects your own character. Why not show off your quirky, playful side than filling your home with wonderfully unique kitchen tool and home products by FRED?

FRED kitchenware at

Are you a sucker for all things cute, quirky and surprisingly functional home goods? Then come on over at and see what FRED kitchenware and home goods has in store for you! They got really nifty stuff like the old school radio iPhone cases, Gin and Titonic ice trays, Crayums catsup and mustard bottles and more! For a full list of awesome goodies from FRED kitchenware and home goods, go to today! Make the most out of your streetwear shopping by using PLNDR coupon codes. Get 10% off on all items!

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